Introducing The Heard

The Heard is a collective of fintech experts sharing their key focuses, and the sort of spokesperson opportunities they’re open to, all in one place.

Too often women are under-represented when it comes to industry panels, events, and podcasts, so we’re bringing together all the fintech players you should have heard of, but maybe haven’t just yet.

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  • A woman from the fintech industry speaking at an event about imposter syndrome.
  • 7 people are having a discussion among themselves with their laptops on.
4 women of the FinTech industry are chatting among themselves with notepads and coffee.

About us

Our mission is to help more women in fintech get into public facing opportunities.

Whether it's events, podcasts, panels, or articles, we're bringing together brilliant women in fintech who can be called on to contribute their thoughts and expertise.

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