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3rd April, 2024 Chantal Swainston No Comments

The Heard, the women in fintech spokesperson index, announces its latest free media training program taking place in May this year.

Tailored specially towards women and non-binary people working in fintech and financial services, the training will be designed to take into account industry specific issues that are topical for journalists right now, and in the future.

The session will also include a personal branding segment, which will help people not only handle – but secure opportunities in the first place.

From start-up founders looking to secure more press, to those working in bigger companies being asked to do more external speaking, the session will set up participants with the tools needed to tackle any opportunity.

Chantal Swainston, Founder of The Heard: “Our index is one step in shining a light on underrepresented talent in the industry, but there’s so much more we can do to ensure that women and non-binary people are given strong representation in the media. Running this session free of charge allows anyone in the industry regardless of background or budget, the opportunity to understand how they can prepare for media opportunities.”


There will be approximately 10 places available, and the session will be hosted in EY’s Canary Wharf offices on Wednesday the 15th May 2024. The session will last between 2-3 hours with more details to be confirmed once the cohort has been selected.

Non members are welcome to apply, but priority will be given to existing members of The Heard. You can also join the index as part of your application.

Deadline for applications will be Friday 19th April.

How to apply:

E-mail with the following information:

  • Your name and current position
  • What sort of topics you’d be most keen to improve your spokesperson skills for
    • (e.g your corporate story, your key product, current affairs in the industry etc)
  • What sort of media opportunities you’re most keen to do
    • (e.g event panels, moderating, keynote speeches, podcasts, or journalist interviews)
  • Reasons why you think you would benefit from free media training
    • (max. 250 words)
  • Whether you have undertaken media training before

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