New tech-focused media and events publication to launch in teeth of ‘mediapocalypse’

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23rd February, 2024 Chantal Swainston No Comments

As publications around the world shed staff and the New York Times decries a
“mediapocalypse”, Digital Frontier, a new tech-focused media and events company, will
launch in February 2024.

Based in London and launching with a team of 20, Digital Frontier steps beyond the daily
news cycle to produce deeply reported stories on the future of business, finance and

Digital Frontier’s coverage
The team see a gap in the market for a serious-minded publication that will show how technology is upending business models and opening new markets. Their aim is to break down the information silos between industries that often ignore each other.

The best Digital Frontier stories will connect the dots between innovations being adopted by different sectors to tackle comparable problems.

Too much technology journalism spends precious time and resources covering Elon Musk’s
latest social media storm or detailing what to expect from iOS update 19.6a. Digital Frontier wants to bring rigour and a dose of optimism to the industry. They believe technology has led to a huge improvement in people’s lives over the past century and has the potential to drive an even
bigger change over the coming century.

Digital Frontier’s audience
Digital Frontier is writing for future-focused leaders. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an
investor or rising up the ranks of an established business, they aim to keep your finger firmly
on the pulse.

Digital Frontier’s editorial products
The group will launch in February with a website, daily newsletter and two weekly podcasts. In addition, their debut print magazine will hit newsstands later this year and they’ll host a series of “live journalism” events across the UK and elsewhere – culminating with Convergence, their flagship conference, in Edinburgh in October.  

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