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24th January, 2024 Chantal Swainston No Comments

🎤 The Heard, the women in fintech spokesperson index, today announces reaching 100 speakers

🎤 Speakers are being accepted from all over the world to help support global event networks and international media

🎤 The platform now offers supporting services like; public speaking, media training, and panel training, as well as event support

The Heard – the women in fintech spokesperson index, has secured its 100th member. The platform publicly lists fintech and financial services experts for easy access, helping people discover and research brilliant women and non-binary people in the industry. 

The platform, which remains totally free to use, has speakers include their key information and best contact method in their profiles, making it a hugely valuable resource regardless of company size and budget. 

Currently members come from a huge range of company backgrounds, from fintech giants like Wise, Starling, and Stripe, to more traditional players like Lloyds Banking Group, Coutts, and American Express. Experiences range from founders and journalists, to academics, and consultants, with almost a quarter sitting in the C-suite.*

In addition, the platform which initially launched in August 2022, is now operating globally, taking speakers from all over the world and working with producers, journalists, and events organisers to make their content more gender diverse.

Speakers listed are actively open to speaking and contributing on topics like start-up funding, compliance, community building and regulation. With a new search function in place, it’s easier than ever to find relevant speakers either by topic, job title, or location.

And now, companies can work with The Heard to ensure better gender diversity. Services like media and panel training, public speaking training, and events partnership to source and train speakers ahead of major shows are now available.

Chantal Swainston, Founder of The Heard:
 “Since launch, we had an influx of requests to extend this outside of the UK, and now we’re doing just that.

While I know it doesn’t magically solve the lack of representation in the sector, it is actively shining a light on women and non-binary people who are already doing brilliant work. We’re also supporting events, publications and platforms as they work hard to make sure they represent everyone involved in the industry.

The index alone isn’t an immaculate solution. Things like training and encouraging colleagues to take on more public-facing opportunities is crucial in building a better environment for women to contribute to the conversation. I truly hope 2024 will be a strong year for women and non-binary representation in fintech media.”

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